No-Pull Training Harness

​​​​The No-Pull Training Harness is for dogs 10 lbs. and up and is available in the same colors as our Xtreme Leashes.  Designed to put pressure on the dogs flanks, they don't like to pull against it.  Follow our training tips below for an amazing experience.


How it works:

The elastic adjustment loop should be set approximately 2” back from the metal ring when the harness is slightly tight around the dogs mid-section (see photo 5). With- out tension on the leash the mid-section of the harness should be slightly loose. As the dog pulls, the harness around the mid- secion will tighten. After a short period of time the dog will learn not to pull.


Hold the loops with the smaller loop closest to your body as shown in photo 2. 


“I recently purchased your  "No-Pull Harness.”  Words can not express how pleased I am!  The instant I put it on my dog, she became the best behaved dog on the planet.  I’ve actually started taking her on longer walks because it’s such a delight to walk her.  I only wish I’d discovered your wonderful product earlier!"     Beth J. Denver CO

Prepare harness by making one large loop and one smaller loop as show in photo 1. 

 Slip both loops over the dogs head at the same time with the large loop going on rst. See photo 3. 

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Sizes for this harness are by pound weight.  

          Sizes 10 # - 35 #     $30.00

                  35 # - 120+   $35.00

​​Please let us know your dogs weight and breed when you call in your order and we will assist you with the correct size.


 Lift the dogs front legs forward through the larger loop one at a time. Then position the larger loop around the dogs mid-section as shown in photo 4.